The Team

Bedbug Studio is an ascending software development company specialising in games as well as apps with gamification features. We design B2B, third-party games and software tailored to our customers’ needs, as well as our own games, downloadable for both iTunes and Android platforms. Bedbug is the brainchild of brothers Themis and Aris. It is a studio which aims to innovate in a saturated and highly competitive market. What makes us stand out is our founders’ creative and multidisciplinary knowledge and approach, combined with our studio’s extreme attention to detail. The result is a perfect fusion of art and digitisation. The multitalented Natalia, an artistic individual in her own right, is the administrative powerhouse behind this design and software development entity. Panos adds his many years of entrepreneurial and management expertise with running technology companies of this size. Overall, we are a complementary team looking forward to a bright future.

Themis Brink Koutroulis
Art Director / Co-Founder
Aris Brink Koutroulis
Creative Director / Co-Founder
Natalia Gryntaki
Director of Administration
Panos Anagnostopoulos
Managing Director
Awesome clients

These are are most prominent clients and partnerships. We have played well together and with most of them we still do.

Let’s make something together

We have a unique story with each client. Let’s create a new story together.

Bedbug Studio LTD
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London EC1M 6BB
United Kingdom
P: +44 7747 112966